Sod Installation

Sod installation – an effortless way to get a new lawn

Whilst some people find turf installation to be a straightforward job – especially with easy-to-follow Laying Turf Videos – others just don’t have the time. Installing a lawn is an investment and failures often result from improper care and maintenance.

Growing lawn grass from seeds takes patience, effort, and the right weather conditions.  If you want a new lawn without the hassles of all the measuring, preparing the ground, and laying turf, Mr Mower can help. Our professional sod installer team can take care of everything for you. Our lawn installation specialists have years of experience installing beautiful, healthy lawns for our customers. For a lawn installation, you can trust, look no further than Mr Mower.

The Real-Sod Installation

 Installing a lawn takes more than a little effort. Since turf installation is an investment, you need to make sure that the professionals hired for the job consider the many variables that affect success. That’s why we like to keep you informed about our process and our progress along the way. Once our specialists arrive at your property, we will begin these preparation steps:  

  • Measure your lawn
  • Advise on the right grass type i.e., Kentucky Blue Grass
  • Provide a quote for sod job, plus topsoil if required
  • Schedule the job for a day that suits you
  • Removal of old grasses and weeds on the ground.
  • Add the soil, if necessary (optional)
  • Leveling the ground so that it is level and well-drained
  •  Fresh sod installation according to industry best practices.
  •  Install irrigation or sprinklers to ensure the lawn gets enough water (optional)
  • Advise you on immediate and long-term aftercare

If that sounds like the lawn solution for you, get in touch with your local Lawn Installer Mr Mower Markham to ask about their turf installation in your area, and look forward to a lush new lawn without the hassle! With 4+ years of experience, our expert lawn professionals are only a phone call or email away.

Basic Steps Sodding Your Lawn

New grass installed allows you to enjoy a lawn of instant beauty without the usual time-consuming hassles of seeding. The following are the basic steps to a beautiful lawn.

STEP 1 – Measuring Your Lawn

With a tape, measure the area of your lawn to be replaced. Include the length and width. If your lawn is not a perfect square or rectangle, the easiest way to determine how much sod you need is to break your lawn into regular shapes and measure the area of each shape individually. Each roll of sod is 2 feet by 4.5 feet and covers an area of 9 square feet. once all your measurement work in square feet is complete just give us a call.

STEP 2 – Soil Preparation

After the approval of the quote, our team will clear the site of all unnecessary materials (wood, bricks, stones, etc.) or other debris. By using Sod Cutter and Rototiller, the team will remove and dump already growing grass and weeds.

Rough grade the entire area to eliminate any drainage problems on the property. This would include sloping the grade away from the home foundation. It can be done with hand tools.

After tilling around 2 inches, adding topsoil will improve root penetration and water movement in addition to making a good ground level.

Roll the area with a lawn roller, if necessary, to reveal any low spots.  

 With this degree of careful soil preparation, the site is now ready for sod installation. Our investment in soil preparations will yield a high return.

STEP 3 – Sod Installation

Our team will install fresh sod by avoiding gaps or overlaps. Amaze the joints in each row in a brick-like fashion.

Begin watering your new lawn immediately after the job is over.

New grass requires ground contact and moisture to survive!

STEP 4 – Watering

Give your new lawn at least 1 inch of water within 1/2 hour of installation. Water daily, or more often, keeping turf moist until it is firmly rooted (about 3 – 4 weeks).

Weather conditions will decide the amount and reputation of watering. Be conscious that your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot, dry, or windy conditions.

Watch out:

Avoid repeated walking or kneeling on the new grass while it is being installed or just after watering. During the first three weeks, avoid the use of your new lawn. During this period the roots firmly knit with the soil and ensure that the turf will remain healthy.

STEP 5 – Enjoy

Your new sod lawn increases your property value significantly. With proper care, it will remain a great asset, providing beauty, a clean playing surface, and an improved environment.


Keep watering your lawn or get installed the sprinkler system. Mow your lawn weekly or biweekly. Avoid to cut grass too low. Keep your mower blade sharp. Fertilizer the lawn once in a month.

Lawn Care After Sodding

Fresh sod requires different care practices than a regular lawn does. To make sod to successfully make roots swiftly, follow these sod care tips:

First Week
Avoid overwatering, but never let the grass dry out or get installed on the sprinkler system. Water the lawn three or four times a day for ten to 25 minutes depending on the weather and size of the lawn.
Avoid watering the lawn for the warmest part of the day.
Avoid foot traffic on your new lawn for at least three to four weeks.

Second week

Water the lawn for 30 minutes each day, twice a day if necessary.

Third Week

Water your lawn one or two times depending on the weather.
After three to four weeks, you can mow the lawn. Keep the mower deck elevated and never cut less than 3 inches the length of the grass blades. Keep your mower blade sharp Fertilize your new lawn six weeks after installation.
A dense, healthy lawn is the best weed control, as the weeds have no place to get started.


Mr Mower is installing new lawns throughout Markham and surroundings. We remove and dispose off existing grass, tilling the soil, grade the lawn and install rolls of fresh Kentucky Blue Grass. We provide ongoing maintenance work afterwards includes weeding and fertilizer.